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Bhutan is known as 'The Kingdom of Dragon' and the Buddhist Kingdom that may be the last Shangri-La of the world. Bhutan is home to a great concentration of mountains and is a living heritage of Buddhist culture and philosophy. Trekking and tours in Bhutan is only land in the world where Mahayana is the state of religion and accepts only limited tourists.

The culture is deeply Buddhist. Unlike Tibet, the temples and monasteries have not become tourist attractions. The most remarkable feature of Bhutan we can mention here is its view of life. Rather than striving to join the modern world, Bhutan is allowing it to enter only in measured doses, careful to preserve its underlying doctrine of promoting the country's "gross national happiness." It revels in its isolation.

Package trips to Bhutan can be arranged from Nepal with twice a week flights to Paro from Kathmandu.


Featured Trips

Enter The Dragon

Duration: 04 days | Grade: Easy | Region: Thimphu

In Thimphu the capital of Bhutan, we shall show you the Memorial Chorten, the Painting and Wood Craft school where traditional art and craft is still kept alive, and take you on a guided tour of the National Library where ancient manuscripts are preserved.


Bhutan Tour

Duration: 08 days | Grade: Moderate | Region: Paro

As you approach Paro, the view from the left side of our plane will be unforgettable. You will see many of the major peaks of the Himalaya, including Everest, Makalu and Kangchendzonga, three of the world's highest mountains.


Central Bhutan Tour

Duration: 10 days | Grade: Moderate | Region: Paro

Bhutan often revered as the 'Land of the Peaceful Dragon' is still regarded as one of the last 'Shangrilas" in the Himalayan region because of its remoteness, it's spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna and its unique ancient Buddhist monasteries.